Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Six Miles on the Delaware River

Earlier this week we took a very enjoyable trip on the Delaware River between Frenchtown, NJ and Point Pleasant, Pa. This is a very calm stretch of the Delaware River; There are no rapids or whitewater. The total distance was approximately 6 miles. We were 7 people in all – four that were comfortable on the water, and three novices. We rented three canoes and a kayak.

The river was five feet above normal and flowing at about twice its’ usual speed. The entire six miles took us just over an hour. Under normal conditions, the trip should take about two hours.

To start, we drove to Point Pleasant, Pa and rented the canoes and kayaks at River Country. The cost was $25 per person for the canoes and $34 for the kayak. This price included all equipment and a ride north to a point just below the bridge to Frenchtown. We were also offered “insurance” for $1.50 per person which we declined. The canoes and kayak were stored at the put-in spot. They were in very good condition. The entire livery operation was nicely organized.

The river was just beautiful. The air temperature rose to the mid 80’s. The water temperature was 66 degrees. About halfway down, we stopped paddling and just floated. You could actually make it the entire six miles without paddling. During the summer season, you can buy lunch on an island in the river from the River Hotdog Man. Alternatively, River Country has a cafĂ© on premises. These are both good options if you have kids with you.

In addition to the high water, there were many signs of the recent rains and spring/summer floods. There are trees and other debris all along the shore on both sides. Cleanups are being organized for the next few weekends. For more information on these see The Delaware River Journal.

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